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The Scanning Just Never Ends

Waiting for my make to finish at work I figure now was a good time to post. Well, after eating a crappy frozen meal for dinner last nite, I had to head over to Home Depot to finally get my countertop situation straightened out. They are now ordered, but it will be like 3 weeks until they arrive! Had the contractor sent the measurements when he said he was going to, a full week would not have been wasted and I’d be that much closer to having this stuff finished and be back to a normal life and a kitchen I can actually use to make the 3 things I know how to prepare!

The rest of the nite was spent at the computer scanning away all those Government Issue records. Man, it sure is a lot of work and I still have a long way to go. You never realize how many varations there are of a record until you take them all upstairs to sit down and scan them all. I hope the record nerds like myself appreciate all the hard work and effort I’m putting into documenting these things. Dan and Brooks the other nite at the fest were calling me the “punk historian” which is pretty much the truth. I have a punk museum of records and such in my house. I am the only one from “back in the day” from our little group of punks that saved/documented any of the stuff that came out of our suburban punk scene. I only wish I had taken pictures of everything/everyone back then. That stuff was/is important to me. Punk rock totally changed the course of my life back in my jr. high/high school years.

Tomorrow is the 4th and this marks the second holiday this year that I have not had my annual bbq. Since my kitchen is all under construction and my house is a mess because of it, I have had to put off having them. I don’t really have any plans so far for the 4th. Truth be told, holidays are pretty depressing for me being single and not really having any family around. It is stressful to find something to do just to keep busy so I don’t get myself down thinking about stuff. If only I had a good woman to go watch the fireworks with. I had one, but then I messed it up.

I think there was talk about grilling up on the roof here at work again for lunch. I hope there is some burgers left if they do as I didn’t bring anything. Well, time to compile, so it is back to work I go.

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