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So yesterday was our pinball league finals. To quote a mental woman I once knew, it was very “stressfull and overwhelming”. I ended up finishing fourth, which was fine by me. I finished better than last year and was content with that especially considering how much my playing has sucked lately and how much discomfort I have in my back. Today marks the beginning of my hiatus from playing pinball until my back heals up. All the bending down over the game to line up my shots has to be taking a toll on my back so this will be the best thing for me, not to mention I am kind of burned out with pinball for awhile.

The floor is in now and is looking awesome. I will have to take some pictures maybe today or tomorrow and post them up for everyone to see. Friday nite was spent putting back all the stuff in the kitchen and getting this place cleaned up for the finals. Koz and the brothers’ Sharpe were helping me do that thankfully as I wouldn’t have been able to do that myself.

Today aside from laundry, I am just going to lay around all day and watch movies and rest. The more I can lay down and stay off my feet and rest my back, the better off I should be.

This house is in dire need of cleaning. I used to do it myself but I can’t now, I am gonna have to find someone I can pay to clean it for me. Alright time for breakfast.


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