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Another boring day

Ended up getting Boston Market for dinner last nite, I hadn’t eaten there in so long I figured I would give it another chance. It wasn’t too bad. Watched my JFK DVD that I bought about a month ago and didn’t open until last nite. I forgot just how long that movie was as I only saw it one time and that was in the theatre when it came out. The sound on the DVD was excellent. I dozed off during part of the movie and woke up to the gunshot sounds in the movie. I still have to pop in the second disc and check out the extras.

Slept in today which felt damn good. I needed the extra rest that is for sure. I updated the website and put up the link and playlist for the radio show. Now am about to grab some lunch and try and stop by a friend’s house to pick up a few parts for a pinball machine I’m either going to sell or trade away. Later on I have to straighten up this house as it is a complete mess and I can’t stand it.


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