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Uncle Sam is a feeler

Had a pretty good day today at work. Got lunch at the palace but the bastards put cheese on my burger. The morning got off to a bad start because I had to go pick up my taxes from the accountant who FINALLY finished last years and this years. I forgot my check book and they weren’t going to let me have them unless I paid the fee. I asked that since they took over a year to do my taxes from last year, don’t they think they can give me a few days to mail them a check. They wouldn’t bend and I had to charge it on my credit card and they just sealed the deal for me NOT ever going there again with my business. They fucking suck. Leonard and Co. in Oak Park is the place, and I do NOT recommend them. It was a pain in the ass to get them to take care of my stuff and they certainly dragged their feet in doing so.

After work today Josh, Chris and I went to potbellys. Now I am just packing up stuff to take the post office tomorrow after I get back from physical therapy. My back is starting to heal as I can move a little better now and have some less pain, but I still have a ways to go before I am normal.


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