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Awhile back, I sent Snapple an email after reading one of those “Snapple Facts” under the cap. I couldnt’ beleive it was true and asked Thor if it was and he said no. So I decided to write them really just to be funny more than anything else. Not only did I not get any free cases of Snapple in the mail, but not even a response! Bastards!

I have a problem regarding your “Real Facts” found inside the cap of my tasty Snapple Beverage. According to Real Fact #70 – caller ID is illegal in the state of California! How can this be?! Millions of people in that state do in fact have caller ID. Are they breaking the law? I have a few friends who live in that state and they in fact have caller ID. If they are breaking the law by having it, and they are my friends, then that makes me an accessory!!! I don’t want to go to jail because one of my friends has caller ID!

I rely on these “Real Facts” to not only further my education, but to also help me in social situations by giving me something to talk about. But if this information you are saying is in fact, incorrect, you will make me look like a fool in public! People will laugh at me and mock me behind my back!

As much as I enjoy your tasty beverages, espcially the Snapple Fire, for it makes you play pinball better, I m not sure i can continue to endorse them if you are telling me things that aren’t true. If this is in fact true, this “Real Fact” #70, then I hope you will not report me to the authrorities for being an accesssory to somone operating caller ID in the state of California.

Thank you for your time and I hope you will remedy this situation by either printing a retraction, or petitioning the govenor of CA to repeal the Caller ID law so millions of people will not be breaking the law.

Actually this was my first draft, I added a bunch of stuff to it such as not wanting to go to prison because I see what happens in prison when I watch Oz and I don’t want those guys doing that to me and the fact that if I use the facts on a date and they were not true, the woman will laugh at me and I will be humiliated. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have a copy of the final product so this will have to do.

So much for the customer is always right 🙁


  • actually Snapple fact #70 is : A “jiffy” is actually 1/100 of a second
    I agree that would be completely crazy if caller ID was illegal…i have it on my phone!

  • Ironically enough, I recieved a Snapple today with the Real Fact #70. I was shocked and decided to research it for myself when I found this website and a few others that were shocked by their discovery as well. One website actually said that Snapple admitted to the error and ceased the production of Real Fact #70. I wonder how old my drink is.

  • I just got that snapple today, I wonder how old my drink was. I wish I knew when they ceased that real fact. Probably never!!

  • Real Fact 70: A “jiffy” is actually 1/100 of a second

    I have the cap in my hand………..

  • WEIRD, my “Caller ID is illegal in California” is number 69, got it today. Probably rare or something

  • WEIRD, my “Caller ID is illegal in California” is number 69, got it today. Probably rare or something

  • they changed it to the “jiffy” one, because of false information.

    the caller id thing is false. every other snapple fact is true

  • I just got snapple fact “#69” which should be #70 Caller ID is illegal in California. I called to complain and now I am writting to them. i will let you know how it works out.

  • if all snapple facts are true then supposedly according to snapple fact #230 the word pennsylvania is misspelled on the liberty bell
    thats bogus

  • Snapple Fact #146 says Manhatten is smallest county in America. Truth: Falls Church, VA is smallest.

  • The word Pennsylvanis ABSOLUTELY is spelled differently on the Liberty Bell. They spelled it differently back in the day– that Snapple Fact is definetly true. I was just at the liberty bell. Look it up.

  • …well my friend says he just got snappel fact number one… he says it says not all snappel facts are true

  • i just got snapple fact 151 which says that the fastest served tennis ball was 154mph in 1963. Since I’ve been having a similar argument with my friends on the topic i researched that snapple fact and found out that the true answer is 163.6 mph and it was in 1931. I think you can also find out the snapple fact for any number bottle cap if you go to, play the real facts game and guess the “real” fact which is the fact they have on the bottle cap.


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