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Was home watching smackdown and youngdave called and said he is in the area and asked if he could stop by. I told him, “of course”. So we were just hanging out and watching the show. Afterwords we were talking about music and records, which we often do, and the subject of the new Jawbreaker record came up. I told him the story about the first time I saw them, which I wrote about in a previous blog entry last week. I told him that I had filmed that show and he asked if he could see it. I dug out the tape and popped in in the vcr. Looking at the label, I realized that it was 12 years ago that I saw that show and recorded that! I can’t beleive it has been that long, sometimes it seems like a long time ago, but sometimes it feels like it was just a few months ago. Watching that tape sure broght back some memories, most of them good (which is a nice change from the usual flashbacks).

My next back shot is sept. 4. I would have liked it sooner, but the doctor wanted me to have a couple more weeks to have it heal up with the therapy and the back shocker device. She said if I don’t need the shot, I can cancel it. Personally I doubt I’ll be that good where I won’t need it and I welcome the final shot since the last one made such a huge difference. I am walking and moving about much more freely and haven’t even taken anything for pain in 2 days.

The rest of the nite is going to be spent on web site work. Of course, the rest of the nite for me is only about an hour or so as I haven’t been getting much sleep and am pretty wiped out.


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