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Whte Sox!

The sox game last nite was fun. They lost, but oh well. The weather was perfect and the hot dogs were very tasty! I was supposed to meet Matt around 6:15pm at the Jackson station. I get there at exactly that time. I walk over to where you go down to the red line and wait. And wait. And wait. I’m trying to call him every few minutes but wherever he was, his cell phone wasn’t getting a signal so it would go straight to voice mail. Finally at like 5 mins to 7 he called my cell phone and asked where I was. I told him and it turned out, we were on opposite sides of this train station (he by the blue line, me by the red) wondering where the hell the other guy is! It was like something you’d see on a tv show. Through misunderstanding I thought he wanted me to wait by the steps to the redline, which was true, however the normal path where you go downstairs and under was closed and under construction. I knew it seemed different going upstairs to get to the red line but since I have only been on the el 3 other times, I figured I must have been thinking of another stop. We got to the ball park partway in the first inning and while waiting for food, the Twins scored 2 home runs in a row. Overall it was a lot of fun to go hang out and watch a game in the nice weather and it sure beat sitting at home in front of the TV.

An intersting thing I learned last nite. I mentioned to Matt that when I was a kid, I went to this sox game and it went so long into extra innings, that they had to continue the game the next day. He told me that was the longest game ever in MLB history and I witnessed history in the making. Who knew?! I guess if I was a big baseball fan, I would take more comfort knowing I was there, but all I remember was being a kid, and that by the time we left I was about to pass out from being so tired and wishing the game would end.

Just finished eating lunch at my desk and am about to get back to work. Tonite I’ll be doing laundry, paying bills, scanning a couple records to send the images to someone for a potential record trade, and watching the tape of last nite’s raw.


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