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Tuesday evening

I made it home last nite only missing the first 10 minutes of Raw, so I got to see the show after all. Overall a decent show but it wasn’t keeping my attention as well as it should of. Paying bills and chatting on AIM was a distraction that wouldn’t have happened had the show been more compelling. I did not approve of the dissing of Jimmy Superfly Snuka last nite by the new samoans. The schtick of them kicking the crap out of the old ladies and the jobbers was funny, but now is wearing thin, get them in a match and let’s see how they can really perform. Kane made his return, but who cares. Yeah, his new mask and outfit are an improvement, and the kane-a-roni was funny, albeit predictible, but the bottom line is that he is still kane, and just not that interesting. Some wrestlers you just don’t care about no matter what, Jeff Jarrett is a good example of this, so is Kane. Now to the Undertaker, he is now a face and all about America. Great, but his stupid biker gimmick still sucks and his matches are a snooze-fest. Put him back in the evil garb, have him talk about the dark side and get Paul Bearer back with the urn and maybe, just maybe I will give a shit. There was some good on the show. Stephanie looked good, the fink was actually pretty funny and any excuse to see more of Lillian Garcia I’m all for, I think she is a fine looking woman and she has a set of pipes on her, and her singing voice isn’t half bad either! 😉 The Jeff Hardy/Jerhico match was a fine match. I’m already sick of the unamericans, maybe get test out of there and they’ll be better, but the gimmick is still rather stupid. Give us more Booker T and Goldust. They are damn funny and make a pretty good tag team too. And William Regal needs more to do, that guy is golden on the mic.

Tonite I have to get some groceries and do laundry all while watching the first of 2 DVDs I have to review for the web site. I really need to mow my lawn, but I’m not too sure how my back will feel about that, even though I have a self-propelled lawnmower. Maybe I can bribe one of my friends or the kid next door to to it for me.


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