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MTV awards

Some more thoughts on that MTV awards show that I had nearly forgotten. The Hives and The Vines played back to back. OK, so now them, along with The Strokes and The White Stripes are all the rage?! Screw them all and their low-fi pseudo wannabe hip garage rock, if I want to listen to some shit like that, I’ll go buy a bunch of real garage records like Estrus puts out or Get Hip. All those bands suck. I guess the singer of The Vines schtick is to be all “wild and unpredictible” he did the same exact thing on the Letterman show a few weeks ago. You know, I thought destroying your instruments was a dumb idea when The Who were doing it even before I was born, and it is less impressive now. I also saw Shakira perform a song. Man, that chick can move, I didn’t care much for her music but I wondered what she could do in the sack after seeing the way she moves around, hubba hubba!


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