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Sleep interupted

I awoke to the sound of the doorbell ringing this morning, it was my cleaning lady. I knew she was coming today, but I was under the impression that she was coming later in the day or at night, as she said night last time she was here. She barely speaks a word of English, so apparently night has a different meaning where she is from. So much for my sleeping in late today. I played castlevania on the gameboy advance for most of the time she was here until the battery died again, that i what I get for not charging it fully. I was lost for a long time in that game but I finally found out where I was supposed to go, I just overlooked it.

After she left, and I won a copy of Dope Guns n Fucking in the Streets Vol. 1 on ebay, I hauled my half-crippled ass to the grocery store and loaded up for when I am home all laid-up after my surgery in 8 days. I got an email yesterday from “the married girl” and she said she could help out some while I am home laid up and bring me food. That was super sweet of her to say that especially as she is pretty busy with her 2 kids. This is not the first time that she’s been there for me. After I got my wisdom teeth pulled she came over with a bag full of soft food like pudding and ice cream for me to eat while I was recovering from that, and when I had some other surgery, she came by once and brought me some food.

I just got the interview back finally from John Stabb (formerly of Government Issue, now in Factory Incident) so I have to assemble it for the website. I have been waiting for that for quite awhile now. I also recently got in touch with a member of AOD and an interview with him will be happening in the near future.

90 minutes until Sopranos! Thor is coming by to watch it too.


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