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Wow, my sister rules!

So I have been laying around all day in the bed resting and my sister has been taking care of me. Well, part of the afternoon/evening the house was smelling like cooking, so I asked her what it was she was making. She kept saying that it must have been leftovers from their dinner the night before. I was pretty sure she was up to something sneaky though. It turned out that she was surprising me by making the whole thanksgiving style dinner! Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and corn! Not only that, but her plan was to wrap the leftovers as individual pre-made plates so when she’s gone, all I have to do is grab one and throw it in the microwave to reheat them! That was so incredibly thoughtful and the food is so damn tasty! I’ll be eating good and easy for the next few days easy and it will help me a lot starting tomorrow after they leave and there is no one here to take care of me. I’m really gonna miss them when they go, they took such good care of me and have really made things easy for me as my recovery has begun. I wish that their visit was under better circumstances, but we can have that when I go visit them for xmas and I’m back to normal and can go out and move around.

My uncle and aunt also stopped by to see how i was doing and my uncle said on the weekend he’d come by and mow my lawn for me, it needs it too, so that is really great that he offered to do that for me. I may have a small scattered family, but sometimes they really come thru for each other at times like this and I’m quite grateful for that.


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