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TV Update

Smallville was entertaining. Clark should just put the moves on Lana already and tell her he is super powered. If she makes a big deal about it, he can always melt her with his heat vision. Hell, shy as I am, I would have gotten her by now! Sopranos was pretty good too. Damn Meadow for not helping her brother out when he needed a place to score though. She C blocked him!

Now that the Posh Boy interview is done, I have just started on The Faction one, damn I am efficient! Well, not really, I still need to email a list of questions for Dave of AOD! I also have one more DVD to watch of the 4 I was sent for review. That is on the top of the list for tomorrow, along with getting some time in on the game as I need to start doing some actual “work” that puts food on the table (but not an italian beef sandwich today, it was only ramen noodles for dinner and some nilla wafers).


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