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Ebay revisited

If you remember a couple weeks ago how angry I was over somone I bought a record from on ebay, packing it so poorly it got damaged, and gouged me on the shipping. I sent this assklown 2 emails expressing my frustration and received no reply. So I left the appropriate negative feedback. Suddenly then, the seller decides he has something to say, and had the nerve to seem shocked by the feedback. Here’s the exchange (the sellers email is all in caps, as he must have a stuck capslock key on his PC):


I wrote you two emails over a week ago expressing my displeasure and received no response from you. I will paste in the two mails sent below. It baffles me how you could have thought that flimsy mailer was adequate protection to ship a record in, and also why you charged me $4 for shipping, enough to cover priority mail which you would have been given a free box much more suited for a record that what you used, but you sent it via media mail.


OK this time he found the caps lock key:

well it dosent matter now because you screwed me already. you could have sent me back the record and i would have got you another you are stuck with a broken record, and i have negative no one is happy.see how much of a jerk you are.grow up man

the vinyl survived, the cover is what got damaged. I tried to contact you twice, with no response, therefore I did what I felt needed to be done. Had I not left the feedback, I doubt I’d have ever heard back from you. Had you responded and offered me a partial refund, I would have felt better about it, but not responding after paying good money and being overcharged in postage was not cool at all. The jerk in this situation is you. I paid you promptly and even requested that you carefully pack the record. You in turn gouge me on shipping and couldnt’ be bothered to even put some cardboard in the fllimsy mailer to attempt to protect the record.

I’m sorry you feel slighted by the negative feedback, you deserved it. Perhaps the next time you sell a record, you’ll think twice about what you mail it in, and how much you gouge a person for shipping. Media mail does NOT cost $4 and a thin padded mailer does NOT keep a record from being damaged in transit. And when a buyer contacts you about said things, ignoring them is NOT the proper way to deal with the situation. Were the roles reversed, I’m sure you’d have done the same thing.


Then in his infinite wisdom, he replied:

i never ignored you man,if for some reason i did not see them(the emails), then im sorry.but if you see my feedback, i have a very good rating, so i never screw anyone.its jerks like you who think that leaving negative feedback is a right way of dealing with things.its just a reflection on the type of person you are, and will always be.please do not ever bid on my stuff again. i dont deal with jerks who hate themselves and other people

I do not hate myself, nor many other people. I do not even hate you for the shitty transaction we had. I made an attempt to rectify the situation and gave adequate time for a reply, which I did not receive. You can call me all the names you want, but the truth of the matter is that you fucked up. Perhaps the usual ebay fare doens’t care if you carelessly package thier items, but I do. I paid good money for something that was damaged by your neglect. I stand by my feedback, you deserved it. Don’t worry, I won’t be buying anything from you again anyway, I am not into paying good money for things only to have them get ruined due to seller neglect. Not to mention, I don’t appreciate somone ripping me off on shipping. I hope the 3 bucks profit you made by sending my poorly packaged record, bought you a nice dinner at taco bell.

Like I said, had you packaged the record and it not got damaged, I probably would have overlooked the media mail issue and would have left you some decent feedback. You got what you had coming to you.


If only I could leave him negative feedback more than once. And, here is what might be the final exhcange:

like i said, a jerk

Whatever you say man. I guess I was a jerk for paying promptly, or asking nicely to pack the record carefully, or by trying to email you about the problem before the feedback. Maybe next time you’ll use some common sense when you pack a record for shipping. You were the one who fucked me on shipping and bad packing. how does that make me a jerk?! Cuz I called you on your shit?!

have a nice day


  • I love how much that guy used the term “man” to address you. What a dill-hole! Oh, and you’ve just introduced a new word into my lexicon. “Assklown” will now be my favourite new word.

  • 🙂
    Here is some others for you:
    ass taster, ass merchant, dirty feeler, assmaster.

    Man and jerk were that guy’s two catch-phrases. He was an idiot. Anyone with a shred of common sense would not have packed up the record that way.

  • hahaha. i too have fallen in love with the term assklown.
    i have never heard that one.
    another of my new favorites is ‘fucktard’… it speaks volumes.

    my oldy but goody is ‘cockbiter’.
    the insult can either be the fact that you suck cock or that you suck cock and are bad at it.

  • hahahaha i love the word ASSKLOWN, so here are some more….”Shitstabber”, “jizzlobber”, the old but fave “dickanus” then there is “turdburglar”, and yes “fucktard” is phenominal, ENJOY

  • lol that is so funny. but if it makes you feel any better sellers get fucked too. This woman (fighting….must……not post name and address) this thing wanted me to help her defraud directv out of payment for services (i was selling sat. receivers) and when i refused she madw a fraud claim against me. I was gonna have a truckload of horse shit delivered to her front step but she probably would never even notice


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