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Well, the final ingredient from my kitchen is finally done. Koz came in for the weekend and tore down the wallpaper and painted my kitchen in exchange for me setting up a website for him. I spent the entire time scanning photos he brought and have a mountain more that he left with me. Gotta love the barter system! I am probably the biggest advocate of it!

I scored a few good records over the weekend, including the Avengers LP on blue vinyl with the rare blue alternate sleeve. I got it for a good price and I have been after that record for a very long time. I also have a lead on some test pressings from a label I collect so hopefully that will pan out.

Last nite’s Sopranos was really good. Ralphie finally got what he deserved! Aside from the record score and the TV, life is pretty much the same boring story but at least I can walk now! I am really starting to feel good now and it is awesome! Two weeks from today I return to work (and return to the Palace for a burger!) and I look forward to resuming a normal life even though it means no more sleeping all day.

There are talks of our starting the pinball league again in December. I’ll be ready for that, but with the holidays and everything, we may not end up really getting it going again until Jan. This will be the first league in ages that I will be able to play in pain-free and I can’t wait.

I’m still eating left-over candy from halloween. Does ANYONE like the black Jujyfruits?! I hate opening one of those little boxes and having to throw away half of them cuz they are the shitty black ones.


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