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Xmas Mach 1

So my Dad, uncle, aunt and 2 cousins came over for dinner and we swapped xmas gifts. Since I didn’t know what they all wanted and didn’t have, everyone got gift certificates to various places. Some people, including my ex, think that gift cards are a lame gift. I disagree. I think they rule, it is basically free money to get whatever the hell you want! Who wouldn’t like shopping on someone else’s dime?! Anyway, I got a few gift cards as gifts myself, which I am damn happy about. My cousin J also got me this really cool Coca-Cola clock for my kitchen. I have all these coke bottles/cans up on a shelf that runs along the tops of my cabinets. They are from all diffrent places, plus the xmas ones and whatnot. I’ve been collecting them for years, different people have gotten them for me when they travel to other countries, so the clock fits in perfectly.

No sleeping in for me tomorrow, gotta get up and get ready by 10 to leave for Milwauke to see my Aunt and cousin (different side of the family), then upon returning, gotta make my way downtown to see Alanis with Thor.

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