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Something I learned today

Back when I was with RMD, she often accused me of never listening to her, and really only waiting for my turn to talk and not retaining the information she was sharing with me. At the time, I didn’t really beleive it or I was just too stupid to do anything about it. Well, she was right, at the time I did do that. Now I know how she feels. I know this girl that I met a couple months ago, and this girl can’t remember a damn thing I have ever told her. It is so frustrating and annoying that it just makes me never want to talk to the girl ever again. I mean what is the point? It is not like we can ever have a meaningful conversation. I could have dated this woman but that was such a turn off, along with some other annoying traits of hers, that I didn’t bother and now just only talk to her on IM. Now having been on the receiving end of the very thing I was accused of, I can really see what RMD was talking about and I am sorry that I ever did that. Not that I wasn’t before but I have seen it in a different light.

Last nite I worked until 2am, I was dead tired when I got home but coudln’t fall asleep right away. Since I worked so late, I went in late today. Now it is time to start figuring out the costs on this record I am releasing so I know how much to scrape up, and also where I am going to get it pressed.



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