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Let the holiday begin

My last day of work for a week, I am leaving for Boston tomorrow and won’t be able to blog most likely due to my sister’s archaic computer situation (old mac and only a dialup connection to AOL). So if there isn’t a post from me in a few days, don’t be alarmed.

Tonite Thor and Vinny G came over for some dinner and pinball and hanging out. It was a fun time despite my sucking almost every game except for one good game of dracula. I am fairly certain I need glasses so after my trip, I will make that eye doctor appointment. Problem is, if I have to get glasses I won’t know what looks good on me. Is there any women in the house that could help me pick them out if I have to get them?

I’m nervous about my trip. I alwasy get nervous about travelling. Not that I don’t like it (though I admit I’d like it more if I had a travelling companion), but I get nervous flying and also leaving my house alone.

So in the event I’m not able to blog until my return, I hope everyone had a great holiday and gets nice gifts and all that good stuff. If anyone wants to get me a present, a date for new years eve would be a nice gift.


  • i always have to go with my little brother when he gets new specks, cuz he would pick the ugliest ones in the store. if you have glasses now, pick up a few pairs you think might look decent, then bring a friend to try them out for. if not, pray you have a kind friend with good taste.

  • mike, it’s all about elvis costello glasses, with tape on the middle. yes! i’ll take the train out and come glasses shopping with you. i will never abandon my glasses for contacts, so you can trust my judgement. have a good christmas!!!

  • Mike-I’ll go with you!
    Hey if my brother goes, it will be a whole reunion. I just got some new specs…they are very sexy librarian….now if my hair would only grow long enough to put in the requisite bun.


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