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Xmas Eve

Today we had a huge feast here at Welch Manor. 11 people were here, all daveinlaws immediate family. I was the only one who wasn’t “a couple” and felt kind of out of place. The holidays really fucking suck when you are a single person let me tell you. After the feast, we went over to one of the uncle’s houses, the same one we went to the last two visits as well. I had a decent time, their family is super nice and really do a good job of making me feel a part of the family which I am grateful for as I don’t really have much of a family myself really. On the ride back, I had plenty of time to myself in the back seat to reflect on a bunch of stuff that ended up bumming me out. I was mostly remembering how xmas was when my mom and grandmother were still alive. Every xmas eve we would have dinner with my grandmother and exchange gifts at her place. Then xmas day was spent at Combustion Manor (back when it wasn’t called that, and there was just Combustion Bedroom) and we would have the big turkey feast. Then the day after xmas my sister and I would go up to MI and visit our father. So xmas lasted 3 days and I got to be with all my family. When I was with “the ex wife” I would go to her place on xmas day after being with my family, and when I happened to have other girlfriends after that, I would somehow mix seeing them in with all that other activity. Fast forward to the present and my sister is married and lives in another state, and she and our father don’t speak to each other so xmas is not the same. Sometimes change is not a good thing. Next year I hope things in my life are different, and I am in “a couple” that I could bring to meet the new family or spend time with hers.

New years eve is a week away and since I am not gong to be able to do the original plan that thor and I had, I found myself with nothing to do. Now I found myself being invited to two different parties. One where I will be around a bunch of people I don’t know, and are all couples where I’d be the odd man out, and the other one will be at a pinball league friend’s house where I’ll know a few people and have pinballs to play. I think it is a no-brainer what I’m going to do. No offense to the former, as the host is a sweetheart and a good friend but I think I’d feel too out of place at the party.

There is suposed to be a ton of snow here tomorrow, I just hope they clear that shit up by thursday late afternoon so my flight isn’t messed up. I have to work on friday.


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