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Yesterday after an uneventful day at work (yeah, we don’t get days like presidents day off), I went over to the alphahottie’s house for dinner with her and the little alphas. I had a great time, even if I did get roped into doing the dishes. I missed raw obviously but I have it taped so I can catch up on it sometime this week.

Tonite, if I feel up to it, I might go see Milemarker at the fireside bowl. I missed them the last couple times they played here due to the back injury I had, so I would really like to see them again. I am fighting off another cold though, and am kind of run down, so I’m not sure I’ll make it after work, I may just go home and sleep. I seemed to have caught another cold that started really late valentines day nite. I seldom get colds, but this month I am now on my second! What’s up with that?

John Stabb sent me the lyrics to the GI5 album, so I’ll add them to the lyrics/discography on the spontaneous site sometime this week. Those lyrics were never printed anywhere before, so my site is the only place to get them. Speaking of the site, I was listening to a few cds I got to review, and this one cd from Since By Man, on Revelation Records, is really good. I see they are playing in the near future at the fireside, I may have to go check them out.

Did anyone happen to tape “the music man” which was on tv the other nite? If anyone could find me a copy of it, I will try and offer up some reward, the alphahottie tried to tape it but somehow messed something up and it didn’t record and I’d really like to find her a copy.



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