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Milemarker, The Blood Brothers, Little Ax

I went to the Fireside Bowl to see the above bands play tonite. It was a pretty good show despite my having to go alone. Thor was stuck working, and no one else was around.

I got there a few mins after 7pm when the doors opened. The first band did not go on until 8pm. I found a good spot to stand and lean against the street fighter machine and remained there for the whole show. I think i was the only person at the show who wasn’t smoking, and it was pretty crowded, not a good thing for me since I am recovering from a cold, and breathing isn’t as easy as it should be when I’m not in a smokey place. When I got home I had to take another shower.

Little Ax played first. Despite the fact that Fred Erskine of Hoover, June of ’44, and Crownhate Ruin fame (among others) is in the band, they were not very good. I gave them a fair chance, and all my attention, but I just ended up bored.

The Blood Brothers were up next. They were really energetic and chaotic with all kinds of crazy time changes, and screamo action, but then they slow things down and mix it up. They were fucking awesome, I ended up buying 2 of their records from them after the show and I can’t wait to have some free time at home to slap them on the turntable. I would definitely go see them again.

Milemarker closed the show. They played a few new songs, two from “Satanic Verses” and one from “Anasthetic”, and they also did a cover of Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown” with the girl singing it! It ruled! They were pretty tight, and two of the three new songs were really good, making me look forward a new record of theirs. My one complaint was they didn’t play very long, just like the last time I saw them. I guess that must be just how it is with them, they do short shows. When they were done, I picked up the vinyl version of “Satanic Verses” from them, along with a CD that compiles a bunch of early singles and compilation apperances as I do not have any of that stuff.

Overall, a thumbs up for the show, despite the lack of anyone to talk to and the obsene amout of smoke, I was glad I went, and I have 3 new records and 1 new CD to listen to.


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