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A little piece of my youth

Today was such a nice day weather wise that it had to be spent outdoors. Thor came by and we went to the Skate Shack and bought skateboards. Man, they sure are different than when I was skating in high school. I’ve had the itch to skate again for quite awhile and the back injury last year prevented me from doing it last summer. It was so much fun. Even though I didn’t do much beside skate around a vacant lot and try some ollies. I wanted to try and get used to being on a board again since aside from one time two years ago, I have not skated since I was 18. I can see myself devoting time at least once a week to this while the weather is nice.

Last nite I finally got my laserjet 4mv working with my PC. It took quite awhile, much of it searching through the cumbersome HP website looking for answers and software. When I finally got it working, I was so happy, but then realized I needed a new toner cartridge. Goodbye 130 bucks! I knew I needed a new one before, it’s been a couple years since I used this printer, and back then it was starting to go. Now I can print out the artwork for the labels to go with my laquers when I get the record mastered.

It looks like, thanks to ash, that I have someone who is willing to make the copies for me for the inserts. A big big thanks to ash for the hookup and of course to the person actually doing it. Man I can’t wait for this record to be out!


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