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Days of our lives?!

It appears, the person that I considered to be my best friend has decided that he is not my friend anymore after he flaked on me for a party we were going to, and I called him on his shit. And to top it off, he puts a spin on it on his blog like I’m the selfish fair weather friend. Excuse me for getting pissed when you back out on me at the last minute and don’t bother to tell me until I ASK. Excuse me for not wanting to drive a half hour out of my way to pick you up to go to a show, only to tack on another half hour at 2am after said show when you can get there in 15 mins and have ample means to get there. Excuse me for not coming to yr place where you have two cats that reek havoc on my allergies. At least when I make plans with you, I keep them. That’s all I’m gonna say about it. I’d still be this dude’s friend but apparently he already dismissed me. Whatever. And way to put yr spin on it and get yr geek friends to bash me in yr comments. Nice. Wrestlemania is this sunday, yr still invited. If you don’t show up, then I guess I know where our friendship stands.

On a lighter note. I got my taxes done on saturday at a different place and this is the first year I can remember that I didn’t have to pay! In fact I got a little bit of money back, not much, especially after the bill for the tax work but I don’t have to pay!!!!! I went to that party, by myself since I didn’t have ample time to find someone to go with. It was pretty fun. I saw some regulars at the party that I haven’t seen in awhile and it was nice to talk to them. Yesterday I updated the spontaneous site again with some new images of Happy Toons from thier first show in 1984, thanks to Brooks giving me the images.

Today it is such a nice day, that I might have to give in to the temptation to put off eating what I brought for lunch until tomorrow, and spend the $ and go to potbellys for lunch.


  • is it possible you could look and listen to all the stuff that is going on with him right now? You’ve known him long enough to know he’s not made like that. He’s not flakey and he’s not selfish. He has a ton of stuff going on with him and maybe a week ago the party sounded good but things change when you’re life is chaos and so a week later maybe it just didn’t fit with the mood. I don’t know I wasn’t there I just know J and I know that he’s not the way you just made him out to be.

  • i know how it feels to be stood up like that… maybe you could still be his friend, but things will be really different cuz i know that for me at least, its hard to forget.

    so i guess i hope things work out and save your moola and eat at potbellys for me!

  • i don’t really know what the hell is up, but sounds like you guys need to go out and drink some beers and bury the hatchet, hopefully not in each other’s heads… a little patience on both fronts will probably work wonders. coming from somebody that lost their best friend for a couple years over some stupid bullshit (a chick) I know how it feels, and it sucks, and if you guys go back as far as it sounds, you need to realize that neither of you is perfect and move on. ok my dr. phil dogshit rant is over. peace out main.

  • I’d be more than happy to let it lie, considering how long we’ve been friends. I vented my piece on here the other day when I was pissed and that was enough for me as I got it off my chest. He was the one who decided to spin it to make me look bad and be the bigger baby on his blog and in his reply here. I’m having people over for wrestlemania this sunday and he is still more than welcome to come over for it. If he fails to show then I guess I did end up losing a good friend, and for the reason that he was inconsiderate and I called him on his shit (which has happned before!). Oh well. Thanks for the kind words, let’s hope it works out.

  • (I’m posting this in Jason’s blog, too.)

    Hey, guys. We’ve all known each other long enough that we might as well be brothers. You both know it’s not my habit to get involved in quarrels that aren’t my own, or offer advice unless I think it’s asked-for or necessary. The fact that others who don’t know both of you have decided to chime in with their two cents’ worth makes me feel like I’d be irresponsible not to get involved at this point, because I can see where each of you are coming from without being biased to favor one side over the other.

    All right. So you each feel the other let you down — it happens. I’m sure I’ve disappointed each of you at some time or another over the course of our decades-spanning friendships, but we’ve gotten over it and moved on. That’s what friends do. I know better (and you two should, too) than to say that any one of us qualifies as a “fair weather” friend. In a pinch, when it really matters, we know we can rely on each other to help see things through. Occasionally, schedules conflict. Occasionally, plans fall through. Occasionally, priorities, for better or for worse, get rearranged and toes get stepped on. Occasionally, we fail to recognize that we’ve each got valid reasons for doing what we do with our lives, and they don’t always coincide. Friendships can bend without breaking under the strain of what really amount to be minor, perceived infractions.

    One doesn’t need to be a fireman or a carpenter (or a writer of cheesy metaphors) to realize that bridges are easier to burn than build. The world’s crazy enough as it is right now. Especially right now. Please consider patching things up. I need my friends!


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