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  • Not to dispute the fact that Potbelly’s IS the champ, how scientific can a web poll be? 🙂

  • well, i found out where that other potbellys is at today. while going on an appointment, i noticed the sign, its less than 10 minutes away!
    they built this thing right in my backyard!

    also, it is sure to explode with business. they built it right next to the richest/largest mall around and right in the middle of a business district in troy. easily the greatest concentration of people during work hours or the weekend. i’m sure i can look forward to more being built here soon. the cash they make off that place will dwarf all other potbelly locations easily. they may have to build another right next door to handle the masses. i bet this location is gonna be L-A-RG-E. with tons of seating available! maybe i can go eat there and meet more WOMEN! i will treat them to my own creation…banana/chocolate shakes and sweet talk them ’til they let me hold their hand : )

    they said by summer 2003 it would be done. i will be grabbing some potbellys in ann arbor on my way to chicago to christen the new one out there. maybe i will be able to have potbellys 4 days in a row and break any record mxv may have for consecutive days eating potbellys. friday on the way out, sat with mxv and dwc, possibly an early sunday brunch, and then again on my way back from chicago. and, if you shoot back with having eaten potbellys more than 4 days in a row, i will easily beat it by weeks! it is so close to my house, i can eat there at will!!!!!!
    at will i tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; )
    life is good, but it just got a lot better {‘,’}

    pinlicious ( …there is no spoon.)

  • Damn Haley, what’s wrong with you, it is the greatest meal on earth! If you ever want to meet up there for a meal, I’m down, I never miss an opportunity to go, let alone expose the greatness of potbellys to someone who never had it before.

  • oh haley child! potbellys is WONDERFUL! id you find cash under your car seat, in the couch cushions, in somebody else’s pockets… go to potbellys!


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