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Tonite I have pinball league. The lineup of games we are playing:
Star Trek: TNG
Sharkey’s Shootout
Star Wars Episode 1
Revenge From Mars
World Cup Soccer

Hopefully my lack of sleep last nite won’t be a factor in my playing today and that the great game of RFM I just played in my basement is an indication of how I’ll play, as I just put up a 1.1 Billion (1B of which was on ball 1). Had I not tanked the last two balls I’d still be playing now instead of typing this.

Still no word out of Thor, anyone taking bets on if he’ll show up for Wrestlemania? The invitation is there, if he doesn’t show, I will know where our friendship truly stands.

OK everyone wish me luck tonite, I could use it, playing well might lift my spirits.



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