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Doctor Doom, a man of science, doesn’t beleive in jesus. Why the fuck should you?

Haven’t had much to say the past couple days. Tuesday I had dinner with ash at Penny’s and had a real nice time. I gave her the insert art that her friend is graciously copying for me for the JFA/Faction split. I hadn’t realized that we havent’ seen each other in 6 months until I read it on her blog! I remember that we had lunch at the palace before I had my back surgery, so it really has been that long since we got together. Wednesday nite I watched the NWA-TNA ppv and just layed around resting. Tonite I’ve been working on resizing images for Koz’s website. I have a million of them to go still and I’ve been working on them for hours. Jah called me and I talked to her for like an hour. It was really good talking to her and hearing from her always puts a smile on my face. I gave her a mission, I hope she successfully completes it.

The title of this entry came from Curlupanddie. I highly suggest any fans of angry hardcore pick up their album on Revelation Records.


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