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Fine weather – four course

It was such a nice day outside that I had to get out for lunch. I took the L downtown from work and met ash at a Potbellys that I have never been to on Clark Street. It was many blocks to walk there from the train, which was a nice journey on such a fine day. She brought me the inserts she had a friend print for me for the record and they look amazing. MANY MANY thanks to her and her friend for printing them for me, I really do appreciate that. So now all I am missing are the sleeves, which should be ready in the next two days, and the vinyl, which shoudl hopefully be here either friday or early next week.

Tonite, after two months, there was finally a new smallville! It was pretty good too. I’m now watching Howard Stern on E and Lisa Marie Presley is the guest. Man is she a mess. She looks all wasted and she just has this aura of trailer park chick to her. It is uncanny how in the face, she looks like her dad.

Who is going with me to see Denali and Q and Not U at the fireside this sunday?!

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