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One down, one (well 500) to go…

I got the sleeves in today for the JFA/Faction split. They turned out great! Pete (PJ Graphics – the printer) dropped them off at my house when I got home today. Here is what it looks like

This is The Faction side of the sleve, They have a new studio track on their side called THE WHISTLER This is the JFA side. They have 3 live tracks, all great old songs, recorded at their show at the FIRESIDE in Chicago, a show I was at, and where I met them and not only interviewed them but ended up befriending them and doing a single with them back then, and now I am working with them again!

Shown is the first pressing. I printed sleeves for a second pressing already since it was WAY more cost effective to do so. Where you see red on the sleeve will be blue on the second pressing. I hope the vinyl shows up tomorrow. Everytime I see the UPS man drive by when I look out the window at work, I pray that he is going to stop and delliver them, but not so far 🙁

Smallville was excellent by the way, and man that Chloe looked hot! They need to feature her more in the episodes though!



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