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Finally a winner!

Today a few people came over for the wrestling ppv. While the show itself was rather uneventful, the highlight of the evening came when someone when the pot from the time bet. After 6 ppv’s of no winner and the money carrying over, someone’s time won, and IT WAS ME! There was 57 bucks in there, easily the biggest one ever (the previous high was around 23 bucks). Man that made my week!

The JFA/Faction split 7″ is out now! For info on how to order it click here. Thanks to some help of one of my friends today, I got the records all stuffed and ready to go. I spent all the free time I had at home working on that this weekend. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. By the way, there is a limited edition of 100 on red vinyl only available direct thru my mail-order so if you want one, act fast.

I had pinball league last nite, it was pretty fun, though I had way more fun with the old United Manufacturing ball bowler (a mini bowling alley game from 1957, it is huge, I’d never fit on in my basement) than I did the pinball, but my playing overall wasn’t too bad. During the day, a couple people from work and I went to a cyber cafe to witness a Tao Feng tournament. It was cool to see people who were into the game. I’ve never been to a cyber cafe before, I guess it is like a modern day arcade except it has xbox, ps2 and pc’s all over the place and the game enthusiasts go there to play games.

Now off to sleep, back to work tomorrow plus I have to start packing up records to mail out.


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