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Spent the better part of last nite packing up all the ebay stuff I sold that money came in for, I sure love it when people pay quickly. I also packed up the mail-orders I got so far for the JFA/Faction, and also the bands and a couple distro’s boxes of singles and sent those out today too. I had to go to both the PO and UPS which took most of the morning, coupled with the fact that they apparently decided to dig up half the roads on the southern part of my town, which made getting around pretty damn slow today.

Tonite I have to pack up the promos so I can mail them out to the zines I want to review the record, which means another trip to the PO in the morning. I was too tired to do them last nite.

This sunday Since By Man and The Blood Brothers are playing at the fireside. I URGE all my friends to go to it and meet me up there, so who’s going?!

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