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Monday Mission 3.19

Who are your favorite cartoon characters?
Speed Racer (I was stoked to see they are finally releasing these on DVD), Popeye (this goes back to when I was a little boy), Beavis and Butthead. I liked all kids of cartoons when I was a little kid, but few have stood the test of time.

Have you yet reached the point where you feel like you are from a different generation than today’s youth?
In some ways yes, in some ways no. I mean, I still like video games and skateboards and punk rock. However what most kids think is punk rock is some gayass shit like good charlotte, who are the shittiest band ever (stealing the title from limp bizkit) and certainly have nothing punk about them. The skateboards are smaller and the “sport” is much more mainstream, and the video arcade went the way of the 8 track tape, now the kids play games on their PCs and Playstations in the house and on the internet rather than going out to a place lilke an arcade where you could make friends. The kids dress now similar to what I got picked on for dressing up like when I was their age. Technology has also made their lives cooler. We didnt’ have sweet computers and cell phones when I was a kid. Oh, and the idea that someone was born after Star Wars was in the theatre and wasn’t around then just blows my mind!

What was the first Music Video that really impressed you? What made it so amazing?
I am not usually impressed by any music videos. I liked all the Skinny Puppy ones as they were pretty creative. Metallica’s “One” was one of the most depressing things I ever saw, where they spliced in all that footage from the soldier from some old movie. Man that was painful to see, I couldn’t imagine being that guy, I would just want to die.

Name a song and an era that comes to mind when you hear the word “Retro.”
Disco, 80s pop music (see the “I love the 80s” series on VH1), 70s arena rock (boston, styx, foriegner).

How has your life been affected by HIV or AIDS?
I don’t know anyone who has it, so aside from always having safe sex (both in fear of getting the girl pregnant as well as catching something), I can’t really comment on it.

If you were on a “special day” nominating committee, who or what would you recommend that we create a day in honor of?
Me of course, when I become PRESIDENT OF EARTH! There would also be national pinball day, punk rock day, and the day of potbellys.

How would you feel if you lost every possession you owned? Or would it matter? How would you go on with your life?
I would jump in that fucking tornado after it and either get it all back or die trying! I have spent years collecting all that stuff, and it is all I have seeing as I have no family or even a girlfriend right now. Man, what a horrible question. I don’t even want to think about that!


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