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The Golden Age of Letdowns

So far this new Marilyn Manson album is pretty damn disappointing. I’ll admit that the band is a guilty pleasure of mine, Mechanical Animals was an awesome album, which I still listen to all the time. Yeah, it was quite Bowie “inspired” but who gives a damn, there is some fine (and depressing) tunes on there. The last album had its moments too and so did Antichrist Superstar. This new one, however, seems rather uninspired. Most of the songs so far sound the same as the one before it. Gone are the variations or slow songs, etc. They just went with all out noisy rock tunes, which they have always done, but it was the variety of the albums previous that made them good. I actually prefer their slower/more depressing stuff, and this album is sure lacking that. So far, only the title track stood out from the pack, and I am almost at the end of the album.


  • Upon giving it another listen it is confirmed. The title track is really good, the entire rest of the album blows. At least I still have the Since By Man album as the best thing to come out this year to keep me happy.


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