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I learned yesterday that one week after the alphahottie dumped me, she got engaged to a 63 YEAR OLD GUY! To put this in perspective, she is 29, he is one year older than her dad, and he has kids older than her! That is pretty much proof positive that the girl did indeed flip out and has lost her mind. I was in shock when I found out. Yeah, I can take comfort knowing that she did indeed lose her mind and I wasn’t at fault in any way in losing her but still, THAT IS FUCKED UP! I am still in shock over it. It doesn’t make the fact I lost her any worse, in fact, I am somewhat releived that she left before it got real serious and then what if she flipped out then and got all crazy?!

OK I neglected my blogging duties over the weekend so time to catch up…

FRIDAY: After work, hit Reckless records to a disappointing haul of 3 records, 2 of which are reissues of recods I already own, but my need to have completion requires that I buy such things. Met up with Brooks of Destroy Everything at The Prodigal Son, where they were playing. We hung around until the rest of the band showed up and we all hiked over to Potbellys for dinner. Dan and one of the other guys had never been there before and became instant converts to the Cult of Potbelly’s, which I have of course started. Yes, they will all drink my Koolaid, and they will become instant converts (in this case the koolaid is in the form of the best sandwich money can buy, and the best damn shakes too). We head back to the show. I saw fellow blogger Mis Lis at the show too, but she seemed to vanish early on, but we got in a game of pinball before she left, unfortunately the pinball machine was in such shitty condition, it wasn’t worth playing. I had a great time at the show and was glad I went out for sure!

Ended up meeting a girl at the show, remind me to always hang out with Dan and Brooks as they have no problem telling girls to come talk to me. It was pretty funny. Got girl’s number, have lunch date with girl today. Self-esteem raised by the experience.

SATURDAY: Attempted to sleep in, bought food for my party, went to Season Tickets to see the new Terminator 3 pinball machine on test. It had problems, and buggy software really soiled the experience. I will have to give it another chance sometime. I liked the playfield, a classic KING design. After that went up to LFS’s house for some pinball and hanging out. He just got the new Simpson’s pinball machine, and that was all most of us played all nite. THE KING even made an appearance and it was good to talk to him again as I have not seen him in about 5 years when we worked together. After I was too wiped out to stand, and pinballed out, I drove home and passed out.

SUNDAY: Went with Koz and Don to the new Potbelly’s in wheaton, which has even LESS seating than the Naperville one, what is up with that?! They had a lot of outdoor tables though, and it was a nice day so that was where we ate. Played some pinball and watched movies the rest of the day.

MEMORIAL DAY: The 16th anniversary of the Ottos Soup Kitchen show. Had my party, a huge sucess. The only one who didn’t show up who said he would was the flake known as MK. 41 people showed up! A record for sure (not including the Otto’s show). There was tons of food and drink and Dan of Destroy Everything got super drunk and was the star of the nite’s entertainment. I decided that I want to have these parties every few weeks and film them to make a reality TV show. Yesterday’s episode was far more entertaining than anything you’d see on Osbournes or Anna Nicole show. Between me finding out about the alpha hottie and the old dude, and constantly blurting out “63?!?!” all day long, to my TV appearance getting bumped for some rerun about old people and planes for memorial day “I got bumped for old people TWICE, first the girl, now my tv show” I proclaimed, to Dan’s drunken antics and proclaming youngdave as his master, to countless other entertaining segments, that party would have been TV gold! It was decided last nite that for the 20th anniversary of Ottos, we are having a show again and getting the bands to do reunions for it. Yeah, it is 4 years away but these things take careful planning! Also we need to build a halfpipe in my backyard between now and then. That gives up 3 years to steal all the wood.

TODAY: I am working on about 2 hours sleep. I am wiped out, I couldn’t sleep last nite, I guess I was wired from too much caffeine. I have a lunch date with the girl from friday, hopefully it will go well.


  • Aww, man! Sounds like I missed an awesome party!
    I did watch all of chicago tonight and was sooooo disappointed to see planes and old men. J asked me (jokingly) that was you when they were interviewing the old man on CT.

    Didn’t I tell you that you would meet more girls in time. It all has to do with going out and being social…..and probably having friends to help introduce you.

    Goodluck at your lunch date!


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