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Spike vs. Spike

I heard that Spike Lee is suing the soon to be former TNN for their upcoming name change to Spike TV. This has to be one of the most assinine lawsuits ever. I hope that when Spike Lee loses, they fine him for wasting people’s time and money with his pointless suit. Spike – if you want some publicity, try making a movie that doesn’t suck! When was the last good movie he made? Oh, it has been awhile. You did not event the word Spike, Mr. Lee. It was around long before you thought it would be cool to give yourself that name.

Last nite after work I went over to Dennis’ Place for Games to help Dennis fix a couple games. His long-time tech left him high and dry last week and he was in a jam so I went to help him out. I ended up getting roped into picking up the slack for the next month but the money is good for the 2 hours a week I will be investing to help him out, and I could sure use the extra cash. It was good to see him again, as it has been close to 2 years since I last paid a visit. It is amazing how time flies. I did have some bad flashback on working on Midway games from the old job, as it was 2 Midway games that I ended up having to help him fix! Some things you can just never escape I guess, they’ll come back at some point in yr life.

Tonite some co-workers and I are going to a Sox game. I hope the weather holds up. I will limit my hotdog intake this time since they won’t be free.


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