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Rubes, Retirement, and Rolling Rock

Last nite I left work a bit early to take the L to potbellys on state/lake to meet up with Dennis Icon and his wife and son. They were in town for something and I met them for dinner. I turned them on to the greatness of potbellys. I then took the L back to work to get my car and drove to Harvey, IL to go to that show. It was a lot of fun. Not a very big crowd. The town was ghetto, but the club was decent. The bands were all good in their own way. I offically ended my retirement from drinking last nite too. They were out of Rolling Rock by the time I decided this though, and had to settle for Corona’s. It seemed appropriate considering the town I was in to be drinking that. I also got a crash course in sound and ended up doing the sound for Destroy Everything (since Dan coulnd’t do it as he was on stage playing), and The Fucking Americans. It was pretty cool, and I have a feeling this won’t be the last time those guys have me do that.

Today I attempted to sleep in as I was up real late last nite. I stayed in the bed so long that I didnt’ have time to fill the mailorder and get it to the PO before it closed, nor did I make it to the bank. I got out of the shower and JLS and bigmike were outside waiting for me to go to potbellys and have a day of pinball. I had some good games today. Almost fixed my Indiana Jones pin, but may have fucked it up more, and clear coated the front door (coat 1).

Tomorrow, clear coat#2, and the WWE PPV and bbq.


  • Of course you come out of retirement AFTER I have been there buggin gyour ass for 2 years. You’re just like a fucking chick I tell ya. Sheesh…

  • You give up, pack up and move away too easily! If you coudl stay in one place long enough, change will happen where you are without forcing change my packing up and leaving! Now all you gotta do is move back. I’m not gonna end my retirement, I think I am out for the long haul!

  • You’re just too goddamn slow! I’m going to be dead soon and don’t have time to wait around for your pokey ass to get off it and get out. You need to move to LA and live a little 😉


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