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I wonder why I ever retired

Saturday found me at the DG heritage fest and then a party at clown ranch. I think I made up for part of my years of retirement this weekend as I did even more drinking on saturday. Somehow I ended up only paying for 2 beers at the fest but drinking at least 5. People were getting them for me. At one point, we met some girl who knew someone in the beer tent who was getting them for free. I had a blast at both the fest and at the after party. When I was driving a friend of mine home after sobering up, when she got out of the car, I realized that the sun was coming up. I can’t remember the last time I stayed out so late that didn’t involve working the entire nite. I went home and crashed but slept like shit.

Sunday after finally giving up on sleeping any longer, I hit Yorktown Deli for lunch (though one could argue that it was breakfast as it was my first meal of the day) and just sat around the house doing laundry and resting and listening to the new CURLUPANDDIE ep, which is fucking amazing by the way. Walked to the new Jimmy Johns for dinner to give it a try as I’ve never been there before, and then just watched a movie and TV until falling asleep. I was wiped out, but actually in a good way from 2 days of pretty much non-stop fun.


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