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A whirlwind of activity (or where does the time go?)

Tiime has flown by crazy style since Thursday afternoon. I feel like I was on vacation or was dreaming. Here’s some highlights:

Thursday: Blood Brothers, These Arms are Snakes, Dance Disaster Movement at The Bottom Lounge. I ended up going by myself. DDM were fucking brilliant, I never heard of them before. It was 2 guys. One played drums, the other keyboards, guitar, etc. Very cool dancy type stuff, the crowd were into it and I became an instant fan. I bought their cd and vinyl from them after the show. These Arms are Snakes is a band I vow to never miss. They are like a post-hardcore type band with a hint of fugazi dc styling. They were really unique and I picked up their cd as well and can’t stop listening to it. The Blood Brothers were good but a little sloppy. I think one of the singers was sick, but they still pulled of a good show. The Bottom Lounge is a nice place to see a show, I’ll definitely go back there if anyone I am interested in is playing. After the show I met up with youngdave for a beer and then took the L back to work to pick up my car and headed home.

Friday: Vacation day from work. Played golf with Ron and Vinny G (in from Seattle). Had a blast. Perfect weather. My back held up great (first time I played in a couple years, and first time post back surgery). Afterwords we went to a bar and got food/drinks and hung out for awhile and then I had to head home to meet someone for dinner.

Saturday: X at house of blues. My sister got me two free tickets, which was super nice of her. My fellow punk brothers got us all opera box passes too and we had the best seats in the house. It was awesome. I had too much to drink but I was feeling good. I really wasn’t much of a X fan, early on in my punk career, I actually hated them, then as I got older my position softened. My desire to see this show was more for thier historical merit (one of the earliest L.A. punk bands) but they totally won me over and I’m digging the X records out of the vault and am gonna start listening to them now. Thank god vinnyg drove though, I was in no shape for driving.

Most of yesterday was spent outside, it was a beautiful day. Now I’m back at work.

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  • I’m glad you finally saw the light and that you’re able to enjoy the magic that is X!

    Vince is always a lifesaver when it comes to driving home from shows. I remember when he had to take over driving duties from the fateful Naked Raygun show where I got my cheekbone broken!

    Hey, at least I didn’t get a table dropped on my head…


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