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PromoGuy’s Monday Tuesday Mission 3.28

1. When was the last time you were in the hospital as a patient? As a visitor?
October 7th of last year I had my back surgery. While I would have preferred being a visitor, I was unfortunately the patient.

2. Have you ever been put under anesthesia or sedation? For what reason? Did it mess with your mind?
6 times, about half of which I got sick and threw up like crazy that evening from all the drugs. It didn’t mess with my mind at all, but I hate that part where they are yelling at you to wake up, and you feel half-paralyzed and just want to fall back asleep.

3. Have you (or someone close to you) ever had any major surgery? How did it go?
I’ve had 6 of them. I’m the fucking surgery master! They all went well, except for the scar I have from my appendix taken out, that doctor must have cut me with a dull spoon. Fucking hack.

4. How about the emergency room? Have you ever had to be taken there, or had to accompany someone else? What happened?
I have been there a few times, the last one being for my appendix.

5. Have you ever donated blood (or other fluids)?
Insert dirty comment here. No I have never donated blood, I am keeping it for myself, I need it. No one wants my evil blood anyway, it would make them angry.

6. Are you an Organ Donor? How do you feel about having your organs being donated to those in need once you die? Have you or someone you know ever been the recipient of donated organs?
I’m sure by the time I go, my organs will be of no use to anyone. I think I want to keep them anyway when I’m gone in the case that I may need them when I come back. I don’t know anyone who received a donated organ.

7. Do you know any men who refuse, or are too afraid, to go to see a Doctor? Why are so many men like that?
I know people that hate doctors, both men and women alike, and will put off going at nearly all costs unless they have absolutely no other choice.


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