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A show tonite


Milemarker at the Empty Bottle. Milemarker kick much ass. I am going out to dinner before the show, possibly at a resturaunt on the beach even, and I’m sure my company for the evening is going to entice me to do much drinking, so I am not quite sure how we’re gonna get home if I drink too much to drive, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I’m fighting off a cold too. Who else is going to the show tonite? Everyone should go!

Tomorrow nite: GBH/Circle Jerks at House of Blues. I have 2 free tix, and may not have someone to take my extra ticket. I may not go, a lot depends on how I feel after going out tonite, and if this cold doesn’t get worse.

As for the shit from the other days? That shit I’m still dealing with. Hopefully something in the future will work out to my favor (for once!) so everyone please keep yr fingers crossed and pray for me (if you are the praying type)…


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