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Weekend Update

Time has been flying by. Here’s an update:

Friday: Went to see GBH and The Circle Jerks at House of Blues. Fun times, met up with a couple friends from the Daghouse msg board. Got free tix to the show, free is the best price. Went home, met up with my favorite drinking partner and stayed up until 6am. Passed out, woke up at 1pm and hit potbellys.

Saturday nite went out, stopped at a bar, decided not to stay. As we were walking out, I heard someone calling my name, turned around, see a girl approaching me, took me a minute to place her and then realized it was one of my two guardian angles from back in the Just Games days when I worked there. Was super happy to have run into her and found out she is still best friends with the other guardian angel. Got her number so we can stay in touch and hope to hang out with them soon.

Sunday: had a crew over for bbq and the wrestling ppv. The PPV was really good, lots of quality matches. Rich won the damn pot again though!

Now it is monday, back at work, sleep deprivation, and starving. Time to go get a Palace burger.


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