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Yeah, that’s some customer service

I find myself home alone for a change tonite and it seems I’m doing all kinds of catching up on stuff to write about here. About two months ago (I am starting to see a pattern developing here), I wrote an email to snapple complaining about various things. If you want to read it, you can right here.

So when I got home from work today I had finally gotten a response:

Thank you for contacting the Snapple Consumer Dialogue Department.

We are sorry that you are unable to purchase the flavor of your choice.

Whenever a decision is made to discontinue any product, it is after
extensive research. I wish we had more enthusiastic consumers like you,
but this particular product simply did not sell as well as we had

On a good note, we do have over 60 other great Snapple flavors. We hope
that you find one that tickles your fancy the way the others did. If by
chance, you want a product listing, please call 1-800-SNAPPLE

Keep drinking Snapple, “The Best Stuff on Earth”!

Notice they completely ignored my question about those stupid (and smaller) aluminum bottles, not to mention the price increase. Not only that, but they didn’t send me any coupons, no free snapples, no nothing! Fuck Snapple! I’m going to drink gatorade instead, that and stick with pop.


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