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Weekend Wrapup

Friday nite I didn’t do anything as no one was around to hang out despite my best efforts to find something to do. I was super bummed out from the events that transpired on monday and talking to the Queen of the Manor on messenger on friday was at the same time both nice and sad, and the sad part held over for the duration of the day, and the weekend for that matter.

Saturday I went for a 23 mile bike ride with Mr. 0 then hit Potbellys for lunch. Swung by the Clown Ranch, gathered up some assklowns and went to Potbellys for dinner, then to the Tivoli to see A Mighty Wind. It was really funny and well worth seeing. There was a group of about 8 of us there. After the movie it was a long nite of downing serums at the ranch. I left there at like 530 am and went home. I tried to sleep but when I would actually sleep, I would have bad dreams and wake up a lot. I think I got less than 5 hours sleep total.

Sunday the phone woke me up around 11 and I got out of bed, threw on some clothes then went to Yorktown Deli for breakfast (which was really lunch as it was noon). A sub sandwich and gatorade is a pretty good recovery meal after a nite of destroying yourself. After the meal I packed up the bike and met Dos O’s for a 20 mile bike ride, the last 10 of which was against the wind and was tiring. I went home after that and some friends came over for the WWE PPV. The PPV was average, but the finish to the last match pissed me off. Get that damn belt off HHH already. The guy is stale, he is injured and can’t even work a full match alone right now and they need to give that belt to someone else to make things interesting. That belt is as useless as it was during Hulk Hogan’s heydey where he never dropped the title to anyone for years. The best match of the show was the fatal 4 way with Tajiri, Eddie Guerrero, Rhyno, and Chris Benoit all four of them are among the best workers in the company right now.

So that was my weekend. I tried to keep busy the best I could but lots of things were a constant reminder of the girl despite my trying to avoid thinking about her. I hope this week fares better for me, though I doubt it will be much different. I do have the sex pistols show to look forward to on friday nite at least.


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