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Things are turning a different color

It’s been a rather uneventful week. Tuesday after work I went for a 23.5 mile bike ride. Last nite I didn’t do a whole lot and stayed in the Manor. Tonite will likely be much of the same. I may go for another ride though.

Tomorrow however is THE SEX PISTOLS at the Aragon. Tickets are still available so anyone else want to attend with me?

Saturday morning I am playing paintball for the first time in my life. It is a work function. It should be a lot of fun despite the fact I have to be up at a most ungodly hour to get there. I will likely just pull and all-nighter as I’ll be downing serums at the show tomorrow and will likely be out really late.

After that I have no plans the rest of the weekend so who wants to hang out?! Who is up for downing some serums and getting sauced?! Come on people, step up to the plate! I have a lot of forgetting to do and could use some help.


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