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The Great Rock and Roll Swindle

So last nite 1 and 2 met me at my work and we took the L to Potbellys for the pre-show punk rock meal and then hopped on the L again and took it to the Aragon for the big show. They were not allowing anyone with chains or spikes on to wear them in, so we went over to the bar next door and had a drink or two while we waited for someone we knew to show up so they could put their stuff in the car. Once that was taken care of we went inside the venue just in time for the Dropkick Murphys to take the stage. They didn’t do anything for me aside from bore me. I am just not into that stuff and when they busted out the bagpipes and horns I just wanted to punch someone to make them stop. They also had like 100 people in their band. I guess they are pretty popular as the crowd really seemed into them. We totally missed Reverend Horton Heat as they played first.

The Sex Pistols took the stage and they played pretty much every song they ever recorded with a couple exceptions. The first couple songs were rather sloppy but they seemed to catch their groove after about the third song. Overall they sounded good, but I don’t really like the way that Johnny Rotten sings in his PiL voice as opposed to the angry punk rock voice he had on those pistols records. When he sings that way, it just seems to lack the power and anger that they once had. He also really hammed it up big time and was also getting the crowd to sing along and your typical big rock show antics. That just didnt’ seem right coming from one of the first punk rock bands. I had a good time though and it was a real kick to get to see them despite those gripes. Beer was rather expensive and all they served was Miller so that was a big let down.

After the show we headed over to the bar next door again and proceeded to down lots of serum. I met some girl and was talking to her for awhile and I also saw a few people I have not seen in like 15 years and it was a real treat to see these people again and catch up. I ended up leaving my car at work in the city since I was in no shape to drive and got a ride home. I ended up home at 4am and had to be up at 7 to leave to go play paintball with people from work. So I borrowed a car from the Clown Ranch when we got back last nite and I was ok to drive it home and used that to drive the hour away it was to play paintball. I never played before and it was lots of fun but it can get really expensive buying ammo cuz you go thru it pretty damn fast. I was surprised that I was able to play considering I had almost no sleep and was a bit hung over. After the paintball I went back to the ranch to return the car and get a ride to the city to pick mine up and went home and took a nap. Now I find myself with nothing to do on a Saturday nite. I made some calls and no one was around so I’m stuck here alone, which sucks.


  • ya know what i like? moosehead beer. it is good. i also like shows. i also like having money to go to shows. and i like my chicago friend, though i like him even better when i get to talk to him more!

  • If this friend of yours in chicago has the initials MXV, I can tell you he is always just a phone call or an instant msg away and you can contact him as often as you like.


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