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Weekend wrap-up and I’m on vacation!

Oh, where to start…. the former Queen of the Manor is no longer speaking to me. We got into an argument, she got super pissed off and refuses to talk to me. I think she got way more mad than what was warranted and is overreacting just a bit. All my attempts to make peace and reopen lines of communication have proven fruitless. I’ve given up and if she wants to talk to me she certainly knows where to find me. I think the whole thing sucks but what can I do?

Friday: Worked, went home, had potbellys with #2 and we drank and played pinball until about 4am. Still haven’t cracked a billion on the Fish Tales machine that is visiting the manor, but I am getting close.

Saturday: Slept like shit, went for a 20 mile bike ride with Sir O, took care of some business at the manor and relaxed, then went to see Pelican at the Fireside Bowl. I went to the show with a girl I met last week after the Sex Pistols show. We went to Potbellys before the show, which made that the 3rd meal in a row (the trifecta!) I ate there in 2 days (breakfast doesn’t count). We drank through the opening bands and came out of the bar for Pelican. Of the three times I’ve seen Pelican now (in the span of less than 2 months), this was the best of the three. I got pretty drunk. The girl was good company and fun to hang out with, but there is no chemistry there. Still it is nice to have a new friend, especially one that is female. Got home around 3:30 and crashed. I actually slept decent for me that nite.

Sunday: Slept late, got up and ate breakfast and then met up with Sir O again for a 21 mile bike ride. That one took a lot out of me, I was pretty sore when we were done. Hung out at the O House for a bit afterwords and then proceeded to hit Potbellys for lunch to complete the Superfecta (4 meals in a row)! I tried the meatball sub for the first time on Saturday’s lunch and am hooked! It is so good, but you gotta get extra marinara sauce to really make it the best it can be. I got it again today when I was there. Hell, just writing about it makes me want another one. After that I came home and relaxed and then went to the Clown Ranch to round up the Assklowns to go see Tomb Raider 2 at the Tivoli. The movie sucked ass. I actually liked the first one, but this one was pretty lame. I am pretty sure there was no script. Yeah, that Angelina Jolie is a hottie, but that wasn’t enough to save this movie. I don’t think it was even worth the $3 it costs to get in there. The popcorn was damn good though, and I just love that theatre so all was not lost. After the movie we went back to the ranch for beers and hanging out.

I’m officially on vacation now for the week, and wednesday is the big trip to Los Angeles! I can’t wait, I have a lot of punk rock business to attend to out there and I wonder how I’m gonna be able to do it all in the short time I am there. I won’t be sitting still for very long when I’m there, that’s for sure.

Monday nite we are meeting up for punk rock bowling. Anyone who wants to get in on our punk rock bowlling league, which will play in the suburbs get in touch with me. We’re gonna make special shirts and everything.


  • Hey, Mike! I wanted to know what your schedule’s like for when you’re out here. I’m supposed to go camping on Saturday, but I will cancel if it’s the only time you’ve got to hang out with me (aside from the Black Flag show and the couple o’ days before, of course). Let me know! You’ve got my number, right?

  • I should have some time during the week too. I get in wed at 5pm. I have punk rock business and some record shopping to attend to as well. I’ll call ya when I arrive. Tim’s picking me up at the airport.

  • Okay! I’m going to be busy on Wednesday ’til around midnight, but I’m open to hanging out anytime you want between then and Saturday morning! S’cool? I guess that’s pretty much Thursday and Friday (and, being currently unemployed, that really means Thursday and Friday in their entirety). Man, I can’t wait!


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