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I want to go back to CA. This is the first monday nite I’ve been home to watch Raw in quite awhile. I’m bored, I’m tired, and I wish I hadn’t returned. It was such a nice escape, I barely thought about the things here that have been troubling me.

This morning got off to a bad start, I could barely get up for work because I was so tired, I was hurting when the alarm went off. I got ready, went to my car and noticed the door was a little bit open. I sensed trouble. I was right. Turned out, when I came home late last tuesday nite (the nite before I left), I closed the car door and the seatbelt was in it, preventing it from closing. I was so tired from being out drinking late that nite at the Clown Ranch that I didn’t notice it and the light inside was on the entire time I was gone until the battery died. I was lucky that Pod happened to call me right as I discovered this and even more lucky that he was able to leave his job for a bit to come help me jump the battery. It worked and I was on my way and late to work. Not a good way to start a Monday morning after a most excellent vacation.

This wednesday is the Vibrators show at The Bottom Lounge. I should be attending with the assklowns, I need to get in touch with them and confirm. I also want to get a group together to go see Italian Job at the Tivoli Theatre this week.


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