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Weekends are not long enough

Friday: After work I met up with Pod and went to see the movie Underworld. It was about vampires vs. werewolves basically, with a lot of gunplay. I actually found it quite enjoayble. Some of the dialog was lacking in places, and I think the heel vampire guy could have been cast better, but overall I found it worth the price of admission. The sound was damn good in the movie and I liked the overall look of the film as well.

Saturday I had to get up early for doctor’s appts, and then I went home and tried to take a nap, cleaned up the house and went to Rick’s party. Rick is a fellow game collector. I snapped a few pix and will probably post them tomorrow nite.

Sunday I had to again wake up early to let the cleaning lady it, then I did a little work on my blog layout, updated the spontaneous site and then had a couple friends over for pizza and to watch the wrestling PPV, which was not very entertaining.

Today I’m back at work, and after work I am going to my last baseball game of the year. The White Sox are fighting the NY Yankees. I look forward to my hot dog and nachos dinner. Unfortunately it appears to be the highlight of my week as I don’t have anything planned for the rest of it.


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