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Halloween, Metal, Serum

Halloween nite was spent with my sister eating pizza and watching movies. It was her last nite in town. It was a nice evening, and I was glad that I was actually in town this time when she came out to visit.

Last nite Assklowns, Ryan, Inga and I went to go see their friends’ band, Penance, play with some other bands at The Note. I had never been to that club before, it wasn’t bad, beer was kind of expensive though. I called Willow on the way down and left the info where we’d be on her voicemail just in case she was around and wanted to show up, and she did! We all downed some serums and watched some rather unpleasant rock/metal bands play. Penance was the best of the bunch, and I enjoyed some of their set. I did not like any of the other bands. One sounded like a poor man’s Seattle grunge band circa 1990 and their songs were like 20 minutes long. The other one sounded like a Monster Magnet knockoff, but nowehere near as good. Below are a few pictures I took of Penance, which features The Polisher and the lovely Mary, who are from Pittsburgh.


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