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Friday nite was the big Destroy Everything show at Lyon’s Den. Some of you were suspiciously absent! There was a good crowd, and I would like to think our giant promotion campaign for this show paid off somewhat. I had a ton to drink, and I had a great, great time! All the bands with the exception of Deals Gone Bad were very entertaining. I’m sorry DGB, but I just can’t get into that style of music, and those fucking horns just make me angry. My klowns made me proud and they put on an excellent performance and the people seemed to like them. I took a bunch of pictures, and I passed my ewear to some friends to take action shots of the crowd and our friends. Below is a few shots of Destroy Everything playing, the rest of the images I will put into a photo album and post on the spontaneous site when I finally get some time to revamp the images section. It is on the short list, so I hope to get to it over thanksgiving weekend. We recorded the entire show on DAT off the soundboard to be aired in the near future on our internet radio station, Destroy Your Radio.

Hannover Fist and Cheddar Nines

Senor Citizen

Destroy Everything

Stiff Mittens

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