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So Sunday nite as I said before, I went to see The Locust play at the Bottom Lounge. Here’s a few pictures and the rundown. The rest will be on the Spontaneous site in the near future.

First up at the show the other nite was Plague Bringer. They were a grindcore band with vocals that reminded me of A.C. It was just two guys and a drum machine. The singer seldom faced the crowd, he often had his back to the people. They weren’t bad, but only in short doses. I wouldn’t probably be into a full length album by them.

El Guapo were next. They were very unique. They were like a dancy indie rock post punk outfit. They had keyboards, drum machine, real drums and more. The members were swtiching instruments regularly depending on the songs. They were quite enjoyable and I ended up buying both of their albums on Dischord Records.

Tracy and the Plastics were thrid. This was like demented karaoke! It was a lone, lesbian, girl, who had a dvd playing with images of herself dressed up as different characters and she would at times stop singing to her backup tape and interact with the movie on the screen behind her. I have never witnessed anything like it. I guess if I were all into art, it would have made some sense to me. It was entertaining to say the least.

The Locust finally took the stage. As you can see by the pictures, they are from outer space, and they are crazy looking bug creatures. They blasted thru a super-tight set and owned the place. I liked them even better than on their records, it is amazing just how tight they are and how fast they play, it really has to be seen to be believed. They even impressed #2, who hated their records when I played them for him!


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