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Spontaneous Combustion Update

I just mailed off the order today for a second pressing of the JFA/Faction split 7″. I have exactly 4 copies left (on red vinyl no less!) of the first pressing and jut got a reorder request from interpunk for some more, which I can’t fulfil until this next batch comes in. For you fellow collectors out there, the second pressing has a different colored sleeve, and I am doing 100 of them on blue vinyl which you can only get thru the SC Mailorder. It is looking like I will be doing a 7″ of unreleased material by a famous DC band from back in the day next, stay tuned for more info as it develops. Lastly I may be helping put out a Destroy Everything 7″.

Tonite the Klowns and I are going to see Agnostic Front at the Bottom Lounge, and after that, we high-tail it back to the Manor to record the next “Live From Combustion Manor” internet radio show, which will be the December show. We are recording it a week early due to myself, and a few other key players being out of town for our regularly scheduled taping day.

Friday nite is the Buzzcocks show, Saturday nite is Rocket From the Tombs. This is a good week for punk rock! Next week, I’m off to CA to visit my pals and to see and interview The Weirdos! It is a pretty action packed time in the life of MXV right now!


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